Tattoos can often seem daunting because of the tag of permanence attached to it. What if we told you we can remove your “permanent” tattoo any time you walk into the Soft Touch Studio? We regularly perform PhiRemoval procedures which are some of the most safe and highly efficient permanent makeup and tattoo removal methods. Our tattoo removal services rely on Glycolic Acid which penetrates deep into the targeted area of the skin and its surrounding tissues. 

You can forget PMU machines and other manual techniques that can seem a little scary for first-timers. Using a Staccato Motion to “open up” the skin, we make sure there are no risks of danger when the PhiRemoval process liquefies and “pulls up” the targeted area.

How Does PhiRemoval/ Tattoo Removal Work?

Interestingly, tattoo removals work exactly like how tattoos are first inked. Using similar equipment, we draw on the original tattoo ink, moving upwards on the skin. A scab forms on the exact area where you got inked, and a few days later, the skin starts extracting more undesired ink. Over the course of a short period, the scabs containing the tattoo ink starts healing, drawing out more and more unwanted tattoo ink along with it.

You will notice repeated bouts of scabs with tattoo ink in them, and they will gradually peel away along with the tattoo. Make sure the treated area is always kept dry during this time, and keep visiting us for follow ups for a satisfactory outcome. PhiRemoval is rarely a one-time process; it happens over multiple sessions but rest assured, you will see the difference once the procedure comes to an end. Considering only the epidermis is affected, there will be no scars or traces left from the process, since the base layer cells of epidermis usually regenerate quite rapidly.

How is PhiRemoval/ Tattoo Removal Done?

Note that PhiRemoval is a non-color selective process which applies to all tattoos, regardless of its shade. The process is much more effective and significantly less expensive, with minimal scarring, if at all. With 2 to 6 treatments, we can trigger a drastic chain reaction to expedite the tattoo removal process. The treated area will experience erythema (redness) at first but that will gradually dissipate, leaving a perfectly normal skin behind. Our PhiRemoval procedure is effective for body tattoos, permanent makeup, as well as for microblading.

PhiRemoval/ Tattoo Removal After Care

We apply a soothing scream to provide relief to the scab and catalyze the healing process. After 48 hours of every treatment procedure, we recommend the application of this soothing cream to the treated area, at least 2 to 3 times a day till the scab peels off entirely. The entire process might take a week or two.

If there are serious injuries, we apply an anti-scar gel once the initial scab shredding kicks off. A small amount of gel on the scabbing area applied every 8 hours till the skin feels complete relief can go a long way in scar prevention. Gradually, the skin color will get back to normal. 

Here are some helpful pointers for PhiRemoval after care:

  • Try not to get the scab wet for at least 2 days
  • Avoid the use of decorative/ hygienic cosmetics on the treated area for the next 10 to 14 days
  • Never peel the scab; let it fall off naturally
  • Avoid solariums and the Sun in general for 2 weeks after the procedure
  • Try to keep away from saunas, pools, and baths for 2 weeks after the treatment
  • Do not go for facials or body treatments for 3 to 6 weeks
  • Skip exercises and body or face massages for a week
  • Stay in touch with the professional who was in charge of the procedure and keep them updated about the condition of your treated skin every 1 to 3 days
  • Diligently use all post-procedure products as prescribed by the professional

Why Choose Soft Touch Studio PhiRemoval/ Tattoo Removal?

OuR PhiRemoval/ Tattoo Removal process does not lead to neurosis of any kind, unlike many similar processes that trigger unwanted reactions. Your tissue will start healing fast, and you will be able to see the removed pigment and its quantity easily. It provides the best “cleaning” effects without burning a hole in your pocket. Most importantly, there will not be any long term post procedural redness or unwanted atrophic structures.

Get in touch with us at Soft Touch Studio to get your permanent makeup or tattoo removal/ PhiRemoval process started right away!