Lash Lift

You Do Not Need Surgery to Beautify Your Skin!

Master Taiyaba Saleem

What is Lash Lift?

“LASHES” helps to fully rejuvenate and strengthen the eyelashes. It is not just a way to care for your lashes, it is also a way of providing lashes with treatment, recovery, strengthening and nutrition.

This is not just a useful treatment to strengthen the eyelashes, it is also a pleasant procedure that adds more positive energy into everyday life and creates good mood. Beautiful and healthy lashes are a key to well-being.

Even after first procedure, most clients will notice a more active growth and volume in the eyelashes.

Lash treatment brings aesthetic beauty, even distribution of the lashes and an elegant curve.

Specially developed technique and technology of applying Lashes helps to prolong storage life and ensure the best penetration of the compound into the very last layer of the lashes. It also prevents the useful ingredients of Lashes from washing out quickly from the eyelashes. Unique formula of the compound allows you to work directly with the eyelash dye, which dramatically reduces time of the procedure. Another big advantage of this procedure is that clients can wet their lashes and apply makeup right after the treatment, unlike with lash lift and lash lamination procedures.