PhiRemoval / Tattoo Removal

You Do Not Need Surgery to Beautify Your Skin!

Master Taiyaba Saleem

What is PhiRemoval / Tattoo Removal?

Have you ever had any experience with bad permanent makeup or tattoo and you are desperately waiting for a day to get rid of it? Don’t wait any longer and take this unique opportunity that will change your life forever. PhiRemoval is the best, highly efficient and safe way to remove everything you are not satisfied with.
PhiRemoval product is based on Glycolic Acid. This ingredient features high penetration. When applied to the skin, it deeply penetrates surrounding tissues as well. For this reason, there is no need to expose the skin to severe mechanical procedures by PMU machines or manual techniques because the product itself performs some share of work. We just have to exploit its advantages.

We apply a Staccato Motion that is well known in music as master motion. This Staccato Motion perfectly “opens” the skin, thus avoiding damaging it. Having penetrated into the depositing skin layer, PhiRemoval liquefies it and “Pulls” it up.

How is PhiRemoval / Tattoo Removal performed?

PhiRemoval is non-color selective (Applicable to all tattoo colors), efficient, less scarring and significantly less expensive. If properly applied, only one treatment or some more is needed for permanent makeup removal. However, 2-6 treatments are needed for body Tattoo Removal with minimal scarring risk. The time required for the treatment depends upon the removal area. The treated area initially experiences erythema (redness), which gradually diminishes, leaving the skin perfectly normal. PhiRemoval is effective for both body tattoos and permanent makeup, as well as for Microblading.

It will be worth saving your money and investing in a professional Tattoo Removal to ensure you get the best removal results and keep in mind that there is something that will make your lives attractive and comfortable again.

How is PhiRemoval / Tattoo Removal work?

Tattoo removal tool is used in a similar way as tattooing or micropigmenting. By using the same equipment, tattoo extraction formula starts working almost immediately after drawing the original tattoo ink, moving upwardly through the skin. The scab containing tattoo ink is formed on the treated area over the next few days. While healing, the skin extracts more and more undesired ink. Scab containing tattoo ink is formed over the treated area in the next few days. As the skin is healing, even more unwanted tattoo ink gets drawn out.

It is very likely that another scab will form, which will contain even more ink. After the procedure and for as long as you have the scab on the skin, keep the treated area dry. Removal of the tattoo or bad PMU doesn’t end after one treatment. It takes more than one procedure to remove everything you are not satisfied with, but the first results are immediately visible. If only the epidermis is affected, usually there are no traces or scars because the base layer cells of the epidermis are able to regenerate completely.

What are PhiRemoval / Tattoo Removal Advantages?

  • Doesn’t cause neurosis
  • Tissue heals quickly
  • Removed pigment and its quantity is easily visible
  • It ‘cleans’ the lips like no other product before,
  • There is no long term post procedural redness or atrophic structure.

PhiRemoval / Tattoo Removal After care

The basic special designation of the soothing cream is to soothe the scab and enhance healing. 48 hours after each procedure, apply a thin layer of this cream to the area that was treated during the procedure. Apply the cream at least 2 or 3 times per day until the scab scales off and scab shedding is completed. This may take 7 to 14 days or even more.

Antiscar gel is applied after serious injuries, a surgical intervention when tissue scarring is expected, and for scarring prevention. After initial scab shedding, a small amount of the gel is to be applied on the skin with every 8 hours. It should be applied until the skin relief is restored, redness disappears, and the skin colour in the area that has been exposed to thevprocedure obtains the same colour as surrounding tissues.

Duration of application: 30 and more days.

Recommendations after the tattoo removal treatment:

  • Keep the scab dry for 2 days
  • Do not use decorative and hygienic cosmetics for 10-14 days on the affected area after the PhiRemoval procedure
  • Do not peel the scab after the tattoo removal treatment – allow it to fall off naturally
  • Do not use the solarium, avoid sun for 2 weeks after the PhiRemoval procedure
  • Avoid bath, saunas, pools for 2 weeks after the PhiRemoval procedure
  • Avoid facial or body treatments for 3-6 weeks after the PhiRemoval procedure
  • Do not exercise and have no body or facial massages 7 days after the PhiRemoval procedure
  • Always keep in touch with the professional who performed the procedure and inform him/her about your skin condition in 1-3 day intervals
  • Use the post procedure products prescribed by the specialist. It will be worth saving your money and investing in a professional tattoo removal to ensure you get the best removal results and keep in mind that there is something that will make your lives attractive and comfortable again.

What is Botox Lash Lift?

“BOTOX LASHES” helps to fully rejuvenate and strengthen the eyelashes. It is not just a way to care for your lashes, it is also a way of providing lashes with treatment, recovery, strengthening and nutrition.

This is not just a useful treatment to strenghten the eyelshes, it is also a pleasant procedure that adds more positive energy into everyday life and creates good mood. Beautiful and healthy lashes are a key to well-being.

Even after first procedure, most clients will notice a more active growth and volume in the eyelashes.

Lash Botox treatment brings aesthetic beauty, evendistribution of the lashes and an elegant curve.

Specially developed technique and technology of applying Botox Lashes helps to prolong storage life and ensure the best penetration of the compound into the very last layer of the lashes. It also prevents the useful ingredients of Botox Lashes from washing out quickly from the eyelashes. Unique formula of the compound allows you to work directly with the eyelash dye, which dramatically reduces time of the procedure. Another big advantage of this procedure is that clients can wet their lashes and apply makeup right after the treatment, unlike with lash lift and lash lamination procedures.