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Master Taiyaba Saleem

MicroNeedling FAQ

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How does MicroNeedling work?
The treatment involves MicroNeedles through a pen over the area make tiny punctures in the top of the skin. These small ‘skin wounds’ trigger the body’s natural response to create new collagen and elastin fibers, as well as new capillaries which fill the channels created by the needles. The result is a plumping and thickening of the skin, evening out of imperfections and discoloration and improved blood supply.
What does the MicroNeedling involve?
First, the skin is cleansed and a numbing cream is applied to minimize any discomfort during the procedure.

Next, a Peptide fell is applied for a small pen with a sterile, disposable tip containing MicroNeedles to gently move over your skin to create tiny, evenly-spaced punctures. We are able to adjust both the depth and the angle of the needles.

Finally, once the treatment is over, we will apply complex repair cream or Vitamin-C complex to protect it during the healing process along with sunblock to protect the skin from sun damage.

What is the down time after Medical MicroNeedling treatment?
After the procedure your skin will show signs of redness or erythema and will appear similar to moderate sunburn. There may be some slight swelling. The redness and swelling will begin to subside 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. By day 3 the erythema and swelling subsides and the skin takes on a pink colour there is barely any evidence that the procedure has taken place. During the first 3 days you will also experience some skin tightness dryness and mild sensitivity to touch on the areas that have been treated. This diminishes greatly following the treatment and over the next 2- 3 days. After the treatment we always recommend a sunblock.
Does MicroNeedling cause hyper pigmentation?
No, in normal skin, the MicroNeedling procedure does not cause HyperPigmentation as long as the skin is protected against UV rays after the treatment for 7 to 10 days with a suitable sunblock. Over exposure to UV after MicroNeedling may cause HyperPigmentation but the risk is small.
What are the benefits of Medical MicroNeedling?
This safe treatment brings many benefits including:

  • Deeper absorption of the active ingredients in creams and topical serums
  • Improves blood supply and circulation
  • Increases the production of collagen through stimulation of Fiberblasts
  • Safe for all types of skin
  • Non-allergenic since nothing is injected and medical grade titanium needles are used
  • Less expensive than other resurfacing treatments
  • Safe for use on the scalp and body and also the fragile skin around the eyes, neck and mouth
  • Less painful with better results then traditional lasers: CO2 Fraxel, Photofcial & lasers
What effects does the Medical MicroNeedling have on the skin?
The effects of Medical MicroNeedling on the skin are significant:

  • Improve skin texture and wrinkle appearance
  • Regeneration of tissue
  • Improve scars, particularly acne scars (as the depressed areas are elevated with new tissue layers)
  • Enhance periphery skin
  • Shrink pore size
  • Improve stretch marks
How many treatments do I need and how often can Medical MicroNeedling procedures be repeated?
The number of treatments you choose depends on the results you want. It is completely safe to repeat collagen induction every 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind that we are stimulating your own collagen production, and that can take a few months to see full benefits from the fiberblast protein production.

For maximum results, we recommend beginning with 4-6 treatments, spaced every 4-6 weeks. If you have scars that you would like to reduce, we suggest 6-8 treatments. Maintenance based treatments every 12 weeks post help reduce the signs of aging and continually stimulate the collagen production as we age keeping your skin youthful.

Generally, the number of treatments will depend on your unique response to the procedure, how much damage you have to begin with and how dramatic you would like the results to be. Results are usually visible after the first treatment.

How should I care for my skin after MicroNeedling?
It is important to give your skin the right environment for healing 2-3 days after treatment. Avoid AHA’s (glycolic Acid) retinol, acidic or “active” ingredients. In addition, do not expose your skin to the sun. If you must be in the sun, use only a zinc-based sunblock.

You may experience dry skin after treatment, but this should dissipate within a few days.

We highly recommends the Rejuvapen post treatment kit to achieve maximum result.

Am I a candidate for the Medical MicroNeedling?
Medical MicroNeedling is safe for all types of skin and all skin colors. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to regain a youthful appearance and rejuvenate their skin. This treatment is especially suitable for those areas which are hard to treat with other resurfacing procedures, such as the fragile skin around the eyes, neck, mouth and on the backs of the hands.

There are, however, a few people who are not suitable for MicroNeedling. This includes those who:

  • Have used Accutane (Isotretinoin) within the last six months
  • Have open skin cuts, abrasions or wounds
  • Have undergone radiation treatment to the skin within the last year
  • Have any kind of active skin infection in the treatment area
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have a history of poor wound healing, Keloid or Hypertrophic scars
  • Have Rosacea, Active acne, Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Are under the age of 18

Permanent Makeup FAQ

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What is Micropigmentation?
Micropigmentation is also known as medical tattooing, permanent make-up and permanent cosmetics. It is a procedure that implants colored pigments into the dermis of the skin to create, define and enhance facial beauty. This procedure is custom designed for each individual client according to their face shape, skin-tone, eye color and hair colour.
What is Microblading?
Microblading (or eyebrow embroidery) is a relatively new, manual method. It is considered to be semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional technique. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. The results are natural, flawless and hair strokes brows, regardless of the amount of hair present. With Microblading procedure It is very important to have a touch up done between 4-6 weeks as it is very difficult to predict how well the skin will retain the pigment.
What is Phibrows?
Phibrows is a technique of semi-permanent drawing of eyebrows, with hyper-realistic results. The shape of eyebrows is calculated only according to the morphology of the face and the golden mean, the number φ (1,618). The color is determined only according to the natural color of the hairs in the eyebrows and the hair.
Who can benefits from permanent cosmetics?
Anyone can benefit from permanent cosmetics. It is perfect for people who have busy or active lifestyle and wants to look their best all the time, have cosmetic allergies, sensitive skin, oily skin, have sparse, thin or faintly coloured eyebrows and lashes or have a problem with applying or smearing of traditional makeup,bad vision and unsteady hands. Permanent makeup may also be used to camouflage scars and correct skin discolourations such as vitiligo. Individuals with asymmetrical features, alopecia (abnormal hair loss) and recovering cancer patients can also benefit from cosmetic or reconstructive tattooing.
Is the treatment safe?
Sterilization and hygiene is of the utmost importance before, during, and after the treatment. All needles are disposable, sterile and of the highest quality. All supplies required for micropigmentation are single use and parts of the equipment that can not be disinfected or discarded are covered with single use plastic film barrier. All of this precautions insure everyone’s safety.
What should I expect during my procedure?
Firstly, we will discuss your personal health to ensure you are a candidate for micropigmentation, then we will discuss the treatment area and make recommendations on shape, design and color according to your individual needs. Then, we will advise you on the most suitable colours to match your skin and hair tone. Finally, using cosmetic pencils, we will create design to help you envision your ideal end result once the design has been agreed upon, we will apply your permanent makeup. Each procedure normally lasts 2 hours.There may be some swelling and redness following the procedure. Your permanent makeup will appear darker initially, but the colour will soften 30%-40% after one week. Lastly, we will review aftercare instruction with you and schedule your touch up appointment.
Does it hurt?
Everybody has a different level of pain tolerance; different parts of the body may be more sensitive than others. You may feel slight discomfort but be assured, we use the best topical numbing agents, both before and throughout the procedure ensuring your maximum comfort. You may take a pain killer before your treatment as long as it does not contain aspirin.
How long does it last?
Permanent Cosmetic procedures can last for many years. The actual length of time is variable and depends on factors such as UV / sun exposure, skin type, the density of pigment implanted into the skin, softer pigments do not last as long as the darker pigments. All enhancements will require a touch up every year to maintain their shape and colour.
What is in the pigments?
We use the exclusive line of the pigments, that is dermatologist tested, non colour changing and hypoallergenic. Both organic and inorganic pigments may be used to achieve the desired colour, The pigments are made up from a base of – Iron Oxide and formulated specifically for lips, brows, eyeliner/eyeshadow, camouflages and areolas. We keep a record of colour and equipment used in each patients private chart.
What are pre-procedure instructions?
It is advised not to make social plans for the same day because there may be some swelling and redness after the procedure.
If you are having the eyeliner procedure and wear contact lenses bring the prescription glasses with you. You may return to wearing your contact lenses as soon as your eyes return to normal conditions. If you are using LATISSE® or any other eyelash growth serum it should be stopped two weeks before eyeliner procedure.
If you are having lip procedure done and have a history of cold sores or fever blisters, you must take an anti-viral drug such as Valtrex or Zovirax 5 days prior and 5 days after the treatment or as your physician prescribes.
Do not schedule a procedure right before or during menstruation because you may be more sensitive at that time.
It is important not to take Aspirin or any other blood thinners at least 10 days prior the procedure.
No Alcohol or Caffeine 24 hours prior the treatment.
Any tweezing or waxing, eyelash/eyebrow tinting should be done at least 48 hours before or two weeks after the procedure.